A picture is worth a thousand words

Find out how Graviola Prozono is helping people and families in their most difficult times.The testimonials of our customers is our best guarantee. Their experiences are those that best reflect the advantages of Graviola Extract combined with Ozone, Telomerase and the PAU of Arco.

A shared story

Different people who share the same story and who have faced the disease with the help of Graviola Porozono.

They have trusted Graviola Prozono

From Spain, USA, Chile, Colombia, Argentina. ... we get photos of those who have tried and trusted Graviola Prozono.

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Our clients tell us their experience

They tested Graviola Prozono and its results.

Sergio's Family Testimony

Sergio’s family tell us about how Graviola helped grandmother overcome cancer

Testimony of Carmen Colomé

Testimony of Carmen Colomé about when a lump was detected in her chest and how Graviola helped her with her disease.

Ximo testimony

Ximo tells us how Graviola Prozono helped him in his fight against cancer along with chemotherapy.

Testimony of Beli Torres

Beli tells us how she did not let cirrhosis prevent her from living her life.


Testimony of Paco Pelaez

Paco tells us about his experience and how Graviola Prozono helped him fight a tumor



Soon you will be able to know first hand, testimonies of those who have struggled to overcome the disease.


Rosario Santos

“I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I only thought about the famous ones that did not overcome it, I did not lose faith and I fought, I am infinitely grateful”


Lluïsa Ferrer

“Cancer took me away when I was very small to my mother, I was not going to let her take my grandmother too”


Pepo Guerra

“This is my wife, Rosario, it’s my life, it was very hard but this game we had to win, and we won, thank you very much”


Francisco Velázquez

“I was very scared, a tumor in the prostate wanted to kill me, my wife and I beat him and I thank you”


Marta Ribau

“I beat cancer, my kidney is clean, you have to fight, if you can, and my smile is no longer erased from my face”


Carmen Ortega

“Here I am, healthier than an apple and I told you that I was a big fighter and I thank you very much for your help”

Graviola PRoZONO

with Telomerase

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